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VIP Skin Membership

This Membership gives you exclusive access to VIP prices, skincare benefits and a huge range of clinical advantages for you and your family to enjoy

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Being our most popular membership, this option is perfect for anyone looking to invest in their skin. This membership allow us to dedicate our time to preventing future ageing, maintaining skin health or focussing on correcting a skin issue whilst you save money in the process.

The membership also covers any member of your household, so if you have teenagers who are beginning to struggle with acne problems or have no idea how to look after their skin, this is the perfect option for everyone.

The VIP membership gives you the flexibility to choose what treatment is right for you on the day rather than sticking to one specific course of treatment. Usually, the best way to look after your skin is to challenge it with different technologies and products in order to strengthen the collagen beneath.

Buying separate courses of treatment can be costly so to be able to choose between certain skin treatments at a course price means an easier and more varied way to improve your skin whilst saving money.

Find out the entire list of benefits and what this membership entails in our VIP Membership Brochure

This has been quoted “the best way to invest in your skin long term”. 




Membership purchase price £3,000

  • This amount is directly added to your own personal SKIN lounge Aesthetics account alongside all of the above benefits.
  • You are able to use this money against all treatments and products within SKIN lounge with all prices being charged at the VIP Pricing structure.
  • This membership also covers any of your household family to use against treatments and products and also benefit from the VIP perks. Perfect for clients wanting to begin skincare treatment for their children/ partners.
  • All household members need to be registered at the start of the term to be able to benefit from the membership.
  • All the VIP Skin and body prices listed will not rise during the 12 month period even if any SKIN lounge Aesthetic prices do.

Please read all of the terms and conditions of this membership in the brochure above.