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Clearlift Laser Facial

Introducing the famous 'Hollywood Facial' experience with Clearlift, the globally acclaimed and clinically proven laser facial for skin tightening and brightening. Boasting no discomfort or downtime, this exceptional treatment caters to all skin types. Recognised as the 2019-2020 winner of the Best Anti-Ageing Treatment, Clearlift offers a luxurious solution, delivering high quality results for a radiant and youthful complexion.

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non surgical facelift

HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift

The pinnacle of skin technology - High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU), also renowned as Ultherapy, is an extraordinary alternative to traditional cosmetic face-lifts, all without the necessity of surgery. Elevating and toning the face, neck and eyes, HIFU delivers a striking yet naturally uplifting transformation. Experience the ultimate in non-invasive rejuvenation as HIFU is acclaimed for reducing the visible signs of ageing by 4 to 8 years in just a single treatment.

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Dermalux TriwaveMD – Medi-Facial

The multi award winning Dermalux Triwave MD Phototherapy is the world leading, medical treatment with CE certification, that harnesses the power of natural light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and healed skin. This is the only LED system in the world to hold medical approval for psoriasis.

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Alumier Skin Peel

AlumierMD Peel treatments are the next generation of clinical exfoliation. With a variety of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients, we can customise your program to target specific skin concerns whether thats ageing, pigmentation or acne. This totally bespoke and comfortable treatment includes an exfoliating peel, brightening enhancement and prescribed luxury products to reveal a more radiant, soft and luminous skin. Cosmeceutical peels are especially formulated for use by highly trained skin specialists.

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