Clearlift Hollywood Facial

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Clearlift Hollywood Facial

What is Clearlift?

Famously known as the ‘Hollywood Facial’, Clearlift is a world renowned and clinically proven, skin tightening and brightening laser facial, which has absolutely no discomfort or ‘downtime’ and is suitable for all skin types.

How does it work?

Clearlift is an all over face, neck and eye treatment using the first ever fractional non-ablative q-switched laser. Meaning that we can target the lower layers of your skin without using heat, which can aggravate more sensitive skin conditions like rosacea. Instead, Clearlift uses an acoustic sound wave to breakdown old collagen and encourage the rebuild of new more healthy collagen, whilst targeting the upper skin layers overall health and appearance.

Rachel at Skin Lounge

Rachel Says…

What more could you ask for from a lunchtime facial treatment? This incredible skin rejuvenating and lifting laser facial gives the skin an instant glow, whilst targeting lines, wrinkles and elasticity. Clearlift should be part of everyones skin regime. Add on the Near infared skin tightening treatment for an added skin lift!

Before Treatment

Clearlift Before Treatment Photo

After Treatment

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30-45 minutes








Over 30’s








Bespoke Skincare Regime


Junior Therapist Senior
Face - £150 £180
Face & Neck - £180 £210
Face & add NIR - £180 £210
Face, Neck & add NIR - £200 £240

What Do Our Clients Think?

“I have never had a laser treatment before and was so surprised at how pain free this treatment was. Instantly afterwards my skin was glowing and my lines looked refined. Very happy with my first treatment and cant wait to see the full results after the 6th one!" -


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a course of treatments?

Yes, we recommend 6 sessions, once every 2 weeks. However, this is a great one off tightening and brightening facial if you are unable to complete the course.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes very much so! The Clearlift treatment is FDA approved. The FDA is an independent organisation which approves efficacy and safety of products and machinery.

What does it feel like?

Not very much really. You will hear a ticking sound which is the acoustic energy but this has very little sensation.

What is NIR and why should I have it with clearlift?

Near infrared is a light based treatment which is a great addition to Clearlift - adding in extra skin tightening, this very comfortable treatment adds a huge overall lifting benefit.

Do I need to avoid the sun?

No! You can have this treatment right before or after a sun holiday. However, as always we recommend using a good quality SPF 50!

Products to avoid?

Avoid the use of any Retinol or AHA products for 48 hours before and after your treatment as these ingredients can increase skin sensitivity.

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