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Understanding Retinol Part 1

What is retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is commonly used as an ingredient within cosmeceutical, professional strength skincare products to transform the skin.

What skin types should use Retinol?

Depending on the product’s strength of retinol, it can be used successfully on most skin types. An extremely impaired or sensitive skin should avoid use, and of course, always consult a skin specialist before using cosmeceutical products.

What does retinol do?

Probably best known for its anti ageing benefits, retinol seriously regenerates (encourages old cells to shed off and new healthier cells to grow through) improving uneven skin texture and stimulates collagen production (the skin’s protein) to improve lines and wrinkles. However it’s not just ageing that retinol can treat – it’s great for treating hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, dull skin, sun damaged skin, and acne too! Retinol really can be used to treat a multitude of skin concerns.

But isn’t Retinol bad because it thins the skin?

It is true that Retinol does thin the skin – but only in a good way. Imagine your skin is a piece of burnt toast when you apply butter to burnt toast the butter sits on the top without sinking in. If you scrape away the burnt layer the butter will sink in easily. Over time the skin can build up more dead skin than it needs to function as a healthy skin. Retinol is proven to thin the dead skin (a good thing) and thicken the living skin deeper down (a very good thing) so please don’t be afraid of retinol, it really is a very good thing that is not to be frightened of!


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