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What is a Focus 15 treatment?

One of the features of our brand new Express Menu is the Focus 15 treatment list. The whole menu of treatments has been designed for you to save money and time but still get amazing results.

A lot of people may not have a lot of time spare to spend on themselves, whether thats due to a busy work schedule, family life or travel, long luxury treatments just aren’t on their to do list. We wanted to come up with a solution for those of you that still want to treat your skin and do want the fantastic results but don’t have the time or money.

Our Focus 15 treatment list is a variety of 15 minute treatments. If you have a single specific area of concern, such as lines on the forehead or above the top lip, a particular scar that you hate – 15 minutes focussed treatment is the best way to directly treat the area you want, making it possible for everyone to benefit from medical grade treatments.

Our Focus 15 treatment list includes:

Signature Focus Scar Minimiser 
Perfect for those that want to treat a particular scar, anywhere on the body. This treatment is 15 minutes focussed work directly on the scar, directing a short, intense burst of energy onto the surface of the skin. This heats water within the surface layers, causing both the water and skin tissue to turn to vapour. The process uses the skins natural healing to stimulate the growth of collagen and replace the lost skin with new, healthy and more radiant skin.

Signature Focus Redness Reducer
Redness within the skin can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence, dealing with inflammation under the skin can sometimes be a long process, however, with using the correct technology and skincare it can be treated! This 15 minutes focussed work directly treats the area where redness is seen, commonly this is on the cheeks due to them being a high vascular area.

Signature Focus Spot Killer
Acne can present itself anywhere on the body, this is not a treatment just for the face. This 15 minute treatment is used to destroy the overactive bacteria that causes spots and inflammation. This treatment also assists exfoliation and the skins natural healing response, which will calm inflammation and boost collagen to begin the repair of acne scarring.

Signature Focus Pigment Zapper
Pigmentation can occur anywhere on the body in small or large patterns. Most commonly, we see pigmentation on the face cause by years of sun damage. We use our Pigment Zapper treatment to focus directly on those areas that pigmentation is clearly seen by targeting the excess melanin in the skin.

Signature Focus Deep Lifting
The Focus 15 Deep lifting treatment is ideal for those who just want a specific area of the face lifting, for example, the neck and jowls can be one of the first signs of ageing for women or you may want to target your heavy brow. This 15 minute treatment is designed to quickly target the looser skin giving a dramatically lifted and smoother result.

Signature Focus Wrinkle Plumper
Designed specifically for unwanted wrinkles, this treatment is perfect for frown lines, crows feet and other facial lines. By choosing a specific area you are benefitting from all of the energy treating your one area of concern instead of being spread evenly across the whole face. This results in more dramatic and quicker results.

Signature Focus Super Smoother
Perfect for de-puffing, this medical grade anti-ageing mechanical treatment tightens the facial skin, contours the jowls, de-puffs the eyes, softens facial lines and wrinkles and smooths and tones the neck. This treatment is ideal for wanting to smooth out a particular area of concern such as the forehead.


If you have any questions about our Focus 15 treatments of would like to express interest in any of the above, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Unsure which treatment to pick? tell us what your concern is and we will choose the best treatment for you, designing your bespoke plan.

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