What’s The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Product On The Planet?

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What’s The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Product On The Planet?

Have you ever wondered what the best anti-ageing skin care product is? We focus so much time and money on the latest serums and moisturisers to regenerate new skin, but if you’re not using skin protection on top – what’s the point of renewing your skin just to damage it again?

The most essential and best anti-ageing skin care product on the planet is SPF! It’s something I bore my clients with on a daily basis, but why is it so important? Sun rays age us as I’m sure you already know, but did you know that UV is also in artificial light like light bulbs and computer screens – so even if your working from home you need your SPF!

SPFs are not all born equal, so when you think you’re being protected by an over the counter moisturiser or foundation that has an SPF15 studies actually show it is more likely when applied to have a grading of SPF2, which is not good enough and very misleading when you think you are protected.

Chemical or Physical Sunscreen – What’s the difference?

  • Chemical SPF’s are a little like a spiders web – it’s delicate with lots of holes, so as you can imagine it’s not as reliable on protection.
  • We now recommend physical SPF’s as we find these most reliable – like wearing a shield, if it’s on your skin it’s protecting you.

What damage is a Broad Spectrum SPF protecting you from?

  • UVA – the ageing rays in sunlight and artificial light. If this is in your product there will be a UVA symbol inside a circle.
  • UVB – the burning rays in sunlight. This is the number on your SPF i.e. SPF30. A factor 50 is around 98% protection against burning which is the highest you can get.
  • Environmental – free radical damage (environmental damage). Environmental protectors are anti -oxidants i.e. Vitamin E.

My top tip is the amazing Heliocare 360 fluid cream SPF 50+ £31.50 – This ticks all the boxes for superior skin protection and doesn’t cause nasty black heads or leave a sticky residue.

Now that you have heard my compelling argument I hope you will NEVER skip the most essential step in your skin care regime.

Rachel x

  • 10th November 2015
  • Posted by skinlounge

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