Why Should I Have a Skin Peel?

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Why Should I Have a Skin Peel?

Chemical peels are one of my most favourite facial treatments, especially when combined with light therapy! They sound pretty scary though right? Well you needn’t be scared, in fact they are amazing. I’ve written below the most commonly asked questions and hopefully I can banish the fear about peels…

How does a peel work?
Chemical peels work in two phases firstly removing the dead skin ‘burnt toast’ on the surface, this is referred to as chemical exfoliation. And secondly by delivering the intense ingredient into the deeper layers of the skin to give a long term result to your living cells.

Is a peel suitable for my sensitive skin?
It depends on the individual case. I always believe in getting your skin into a good health with a good home care regime first. Maybe starting with a mini facial to get to know your skin before you have a peel.

What happens during the treatment?
We clean and prepare your skin for the peel, apply the peel (a thin, clear gel) for up to 3 minutes, remove the peel, cleanse again and apply your moisturiser and SPF – easy!

What will a peel do for my skin?
Peels treat a multitude of skin issues very gently and quickly and have an incredible instant and long term benefits for the skin. They brighten, hydrate, soften lines and wrinkles, de-pigment, deep cleanse, soften scaring and exfoliate.

Are there different types of peels?
Yes and they come in varying strengths to target different layers of the skin. A light peel is the most superficial, working in the epidermis (upper skin layers) this has a downtime of up to a couple of days. A medium peel works slightly deeper and has a downtime of 2-4 weeks. A deep peel works the deepest but has downtime of up to 3 months.

What is downtime?
This can be shown on the skin with redness, swelling, skin shedding/flaking and tightness. The severity varies from person to person. Most of my clients see none of these symptoms at all after a light peel.

How soon until I can go in the sun?
At least two weeks before sun bathing and two weeks after. The reason for this is that a peel removes the dead layer on the top of the skin and could make it more sensitive to sun exposure if it were too soon. After sun exposure your skin is more sensitive generally and could cause a longer downtime after your peel.

Can I meet friends for lunch after my peel?
Yes! Some people find that the skin can be a little red for an hour or two after treatment but usually no more than a normal facial. You can apply a good quality mineral foundation straight after your peel if you prefer.

How long does a peel take?
30 minutes! You can have one in your lunch break!

How many peels do I need to get results?
One to 6 usually depending on what skin condition you have. Once weekly light facial peels for 6 weeks is the equivalent of a medium strength peel.

Do I need to maintain a peel?
Ideally once a month, this will not be a chore you will look forward to the monthly maintenance treatment!

Do I need to do anything special after my peel?
It’s best to avoid exercise and wearing perfume near the area for 48 hours after your treatment. You may feel a little dryness in areas so a thicker moisturiser may be advised for the first few days.

Are there any other treatments that complement a peel treatment?
Dermalux LED phototherapy!!! It is the perfect complement to a peel, killing acne bacteria, repairing old cells and stimulating new cells. The two treatments together are the perfect marriage.

In summary peels are
Deeply penetrating
Long lasting
Suitable for most skin types
Quick results!!! 

I hope I have helped you understand more about chemical peels. Leave a comment if you have any further questions about this incredible treatment, I am happy to help!

Rachel x

  • 9th January 2016
  • Posted by skinlounge

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