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Why do we recommend skincare at home?

If you had to run a marathon next week without any training whatsoever, the chances are you would get about 20 mins in and end up in a heap on the floor, this is because you are not equipped correctly to gain the right outcome, which would be finishing the race. This is exactly the… Read more

How to find your ideal gift this Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is just around the corner and finding the best gift can be tricky. Scrolling through long winded gift guides online can be tedious and we don’t always know where else to look. Despite having A LOT of different treatments at SKIN lounge, buying a gift couldn’t be easier. We have options for those… Read more

How to naturally stimulate Collagen

As we started to delve into the world of skin, the only way to lift and tighten or reverse any signs of ageing was to opt for surgery or some kind of medical, anaesthetic induced procedure. Good old soap and water just didn’t cut it (still doesn’t to be honest..) so if you didn’t want… Read more

Everything you need to know about T-shape Body Contouring

Cellulite is something that nearly everyone suffers with and no matter who you talk to, everyone has their own personal body hang ups, whether that’s size, shape, weight or something else entirely! Even though cellulite, dimpling and loose skin are all completely natural facts of ageing, it doesn’t mean you have to just accept it.… Read more

The best Valentines Gift ideas for every couple!

Valentines Day is nearly upon us again and it can be really difficult to try and come up with new gift ideas every year thats not the last minute bunch of flowers or cheesy giant teddy bear and ideally we want something with a bit more thought than a box of chocolates.. If you don’t… Read more

How you can reawaken your skin after the entire festive season

After a month of too much alcohol, too much chocolate and a truck load of predominantly beige food, that lacklustre and dull complexion is unavoidable. However, we can reverse the damage with a little bit of know-how… Get drinking! (water that is..) This is a biggie, we’re all dehydrated due to the temperature but alcohol really does suck… Read more

Why are seasonal skin reviews so important?

Our skin changes like the weather! Ok… maybe not that much, but it definitely changes with the weather. As the temperature drops and our lifestyle habits change, our skin can really suffer. If you’ve experienced more sensitivity in the winter or felt more dryness and dull appearance, then you will have seen the effects of… Read more

Let’s talk teenage skin…

The puberty years can be a melting pot of all sorts of things – emotions, skin, hair and body all go through various ups and downs whilst our hormones try to figure out what’s happening. However, you don’t have to suffer and just put up with problematic skin in the hope that you’ll grow out… Read more

Lifting and Smoothing Anti-ageing facial

    We’re looking forward to a new month, hopefully some more sunshine and some fantastic facials! A a new month brings new offers and who doesn’t love looking fresh and youthful whilst saving money!? An incredible, pain-less, effective and long lasting treatment that combats the signs of time and ageing for the face and neck.… Read more

ONE WEEK ONLY – Surprise offers!

We like to keep things exciting at SKIN lounge so why not have a limited time selection of offers for all of you lovely people just in time for the beautiful weather! We are offering 4 incredible Summer Skin and Body solutions including the WINNER of the Best Anti-Ageing Treatment of the year 2019-2020. Summer… Read more

What’s really in your skincare?!

Unless we have professional help, often we will guess what our skin type is and buy any old product on the market that sounds attractive or has fantastic advertising without really knowing what it’s doing or whether we actually need it. Most high street skincare products contain alcohol, parabens, perfumes and sometimes dyes, none of… Read more