Glass Magazine experiences our Alumier Glow Peel

“WALKING in to Skin Lounge Boutique Skin and Beauty Clinic, Glass was immediately greeted by a space of tranquility and relaxation…” If you’ve ever wondered what its like to have a peel, read the wonderful review written by Emma Hart for Glass Magazine “… I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone looking to revitalise their… Read more

Expert feature in Time & Leisure magazine

“FROM LASH LIFTS TO BROW SCULPTING AND STRIKING SEASONAL MAKEUP, WE FIND OUT ABOUT QUICK FIXES AND GREAT WAYS TO PREP YOUR PEEPERS…” Get yourself ready for the party season by creating luscious dark lashes for an always ready-to-go look! Read Rachels expert comments, featured in Time & Leisure magazine, and all about how to… Read more

The truth about ageing and how to pause the clock!

Picture ageing skin.. what do you see? Deep lines, sagging skin, crows feet, jowls? We all imagine ageing skin to be someone “middle or old aged” with all of the above right? It’s as if ageing almost happens overnight and then suddenly you don’t recognise the person in the mirror.   The truth is, the… Read more

On In London Magazine feature

Read the wonderful review written by Nyla Sammons of the SKIN lounge Alumier Glow Peel and what she thought from her results. “What I found most surprising was, my face didnt sting or feel uncomfortable once the face peel was applied… My skin looked brighter and radiant!”         Read more

The Menopause Memo

With all the years experience I have working with menopause aged women, I truly understand the challenges that women go through. I feel so thankful for this as at least I am aware of what really happens. Unlike my poor mum who went through it cold turkey with no advice, guidance or support which has… Read more